Wallpaper Stencils

Right now I'm helping (i.e. watching & providing wonderful & lively conversation for) my husband paint this wallpaper stencil all over our living room wall:

A very sweet reader, Mary, gave me the idea to try stenciling after learning that I lusted after wallpaper for my living room & entry. (It's a RL stencil from here and reminds of a henna tattoo & I just LOVE it!! ) It's INSANELY intricate and will most likely take years to complete... No really, it's baaaaaad. It's taking FOREVER. The ceiling is high and the wall continues into the entryway...
Stenciling is for the extremely patient, crafty or BROKE person. (And I'll give you a hint, I'm not patient or crafty... ;) Can you guess what color I chose for the stenciling? The Color Queen from Colour Me Happy (AKA Maria) recommended it to me & it's prefect!!
Have a great weekend & we (he) will be meticulously painting away-- ahhhhhhhhhhhh


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