It's Those Little Changes...

It's those little seasonal changes that make me so happy. (Like the huge pumpkin on our server, above.) I'm being super-quick today since Dave's got the day off for Columbus Day but wanted to share just a few pics with you. Clearing out part of our woods this weekend, I brought these branches from a now-deceased-bush into our kitchen. (I put them in a pilsner glass- one of my favorites for branches & tall flowers!) I can't even tell you how happy it makes me to see all that green as I look in the kitchen or out of it. I wish it could stay alive forever!!

It's exactly how I want my house to feel:

A new friend brought me over some beautiful green spider mums (one of my new favorites, thanks so my bright green sofa!) and I popped one in a vintage glass bottle I got last weekend for $1. You can also spy my new server in the dining room in the reflection of the mirror:

I found it at (where else?!) Lucketts for $165. It's the perfect size - 6 feet wide by 18 inches deep & I now have so much room for china & linens. It's a Japanese piece from the late 1800s to 1910 and was at the shop for 20 minutes before I snagged it. The clerk kept doublechecking the price tag because she couldn't believe it either. I LOVE all the storage!!! (means I can keep collecting!! hee hee)

We didn't have to do a thing to it. I was a little nervous at the store but when I got it home, its straight clean lines and the finish & size were perfect. It's the exact same width as my window, which was what I needed:

I love having a surface in the dining room now for candles, my moss bass urn, other revolving pretty things and to serve food! Righn now things have just sort of been tossed up there with no real thought but I'm still happy with the look...

Anyway, have a happy Columbus Day!!!! What changes have you been making to your home lately?




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