Switching Life over for Fall

As most of you probably know by now, I love to switch around my house, especially seasonally. It's for this reason that I need a fairly neutral "base" for my house so that I can change colors & moods on a whim. To some, rearranging seasonally may sound like something only crazy people with "too much time on their hands" do, but to others (and I know a lot of you are as design-obsessed as me) it's just what you do and it makes you happy. It's an awesome creative outlet that doesn't cost a lot of money and keeps your home feeling fresh. (images above & below from martha stewart.com)

Anyway, right now I'm in the mood for Fall!! And there are lot of different type of "Fall," but this year I'm in the mood for a darker, moodier, super-cozy Fall. (I think it's supposed to be cold this year!!)
1. Switch out accent pillows: Think warmer colors: golds, oranges, browns, warm beiges but even plums & mossy greens work well right now. Use whatever feels "Fall" to you. You might even want to use more pillows than usualy to get that "cozy" & layered feel.

I'm loving these leather pillows from Restoration Hardware:
2. Get a throw blanket on every surface you're likely to "nest." In my own house, I love to curl up. I pretty much always wrap a blanket around myself & have my feet up somehow: elevanted or tucked under me but rarely on the ground. (I'm one of those odd people that often sits Indian- style in the passenger seat of the car.) But, in the Fall, I bring out even more throws. One for the sofa... and one for a chair... the bedroom... a couple in the family room. I just want everyone to be able to get cozy quickly. I keep a basket in the living room for fluffy faux fur blankets. (image via doseofdesign.blogspot.com)

3. Get your fireplace ready. If you had anything in it for the off-season like stacks of wood or a fern, pull in out & have it waiting. Call a chimney sweep if need be so you don't get that smokey smell.
4. Reaccessorize around your mantle, tabletops and surfaces. Think aged brass, wamer woods, and things with a sense of age: vintage finds, antiques, cracked finishes, etc. (imgae from Monique Keegan's House in CL)

5. In bookshelves, showcase richer-feeling books & accessories. (image from Country Home)

6. If you have any "loose artwork" (like something just propped on the mantle versus nailed in) switch it out with artwork that makes you think of Fall. Rich colors & subjects that warm up the space. ( my mom's mantle below)

7. Put more candles around & have some at the ready. (I really love Yankee Candle's huge jar "pumkin pie" candle but it's really not pretty so I store it under a cabinet & pull it out only when in use.) But, If you've got some pretty hurricanes or pillar candles, put them around where you'll be likely to use them. And think smell too. Pumkin & vanilla & hazlenut in the Fall are just amazing and how wonderful is it to walk into a home with those smells?!

8. Bring in some pumpkins & gourds!! I think they're beautiful anywhere you can get them. Piled on a table, mantle or even next to the fireplace. (Oh and don't forget in an urn!! image below from Country Living)

9. Add or switch out rugs. Replace cotton ones with wool rugs, add a rug where the floor was bare.. just warm it up a bit. (image below from Monique Keegan's - a FAVOROTE!!- in CL)

10. Go for walks & pick up what's around you and enjoy the brisk weather. Christian loves collecting acorns & pinecones. A little dish of acorns or a bowl of pimecones is just so pretty. Greenery is also always perfect for bringing in. I've been bringing in lots of weeds from outside lately & am loving how long they live!! (image from flicker)

11. Spruce up your outdoor entry. Mums & pumkins, gourds & ornamental cabbages really make guests feel welcome. (And will make you so happy when you come home!)

11. Have some treats ready. I LOVE having a bowl of walnuts on the table in the Fall. The nut cracker should be waiting in it so people can dig in at any time.
Bowls of apples or pears are beautiful & healthy too!

12. We love doing a weekly soup. Most Sundays or Mondays I end up making a soup and we can eat it for lunches or dinners throughout the week. It's just so comforting & delicious to have around!! (My in-laws visited this weekend & my mother-in-law left us homemade split-pea soup- yum!!!) image below from peandhamsouprecipe.com.... I'm TOTALLY making grilled cheese & microwaving up some soup for lunch today!!

13. Get your coat closet & entry ready. Get out your scarves & gloves & heavier coats. Use baskets or boxes for organzing. Have a spot near the front door for wet boots & shoes and maybe a basket for loose scarves. Hooks are great too if you've got a spot.

14. Have good music at the ready. Cooking & hanging out & relaxing at home can be more fun with good music. I'm definitely in the mood for different music in the fall than in the summer... My favorite right now is Mr.Pitiful by Matt Costa: http://www.mattcosta.com/music (If you haven't heard it, you'll LOVE it... I promise... kind of a modern Beatles vibe)

15. Have good a book & some magazines at the ready. (These days that might entail having your computer with you- how awesome is Lonny?!!)

I'll be doing some more specific posts in "Fall decorating" as the season continues. Would love to hear what you do to cozy up for Fall so I can include it!!!




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